I’m a nervous wreck


I’m currently 5 weeks 2 days. I went to the hospital on Monday because I was having severe abdominal pain, while I was there they did a urine test to confirm pregnancy, took blood work and did an ultrasound. The urine test came back positive and they told me my hcg level was 1,300. My doctor asked me to go get blood work again yesterday to make sure my levels were increasing. I got my results today and my hcg was at 924. The nurse I spoke to said that the hospital probably did the test different than labcorp and that’s why my numbers could be lower. I have to have blood work done again tomorrow but I’m anxious that I won’t find out till Tuesday because of the holiday weekend. Has this every happened to anyone? I’m so nervous that I’m going to have a miscarriage. I’ve had cramps all week and just started spotting today.