childish ass behavior.

we went over to my partners parents house, they invited us to stay over for dinner.

We stayed and ate and then......

His mom is crazy btw.

She didn’t let me do my baby shower, she wanted it her way and I ended up not doing it cause of the virus anyways.

She wanted to do a gender reveal and I didn’t want it, so I didn’t do it.

Now she’s asking what the babygirls name is going to be.

My partner and I have decided to keep it a secret from everyone until she is born then we will announce it on social media, so everyone can see it all at once.

She kept nagging me a few days ago and made it a big deal that we aren’t telling her.

And tonight after dinner it got worse.

She asked me again and I told her it’s a surprise and she will have to wait like everyone else.

Then she asked again with me and my partner sitting at the table.

She started being dramatic saying “she should know” and that she “deserves to know because she is buying the baby so many things”

We aren’t asking her for any of the baby stuff she is buying it cause she wants to and then she is now holding that against us?

She said that it’s “unfair” and I was just sitting there listening to her waste her breath.

My partners dad then says “ we should know first, before your parents know because we are higher than them.” Excuse me? No.

That’s so rude, you aren’t higher than them. They are going to be first time grandparents too and you and then will find out at the same time. Together.

Then my partners dad says “ I’m going to be offended if you don’t tell me right now what the name is and when I get mad I’m not a nice guy you’ll see.” Is that a threat?

Then they went on to talk shit about my parents!!!

How they supposedly don’t do anything for me since they are in Canada and I’m in the US, and how they don’t do nothing for the baby.

My parents have sent money, they supported me, they bought so much baby stuff.... they do more than my partners parents I just don’t brag about it.

Then they talk shit about my parents last and all that, like my partners dad was just as bad so who is he to talk abut on my past and my parents? My partners parents ain’t saints.

What do you think y’all?