Updated: I don't know if my mom even cares about me

Sometimes I feel like I'm done with my mom.

Seriously.. The first 2 years I lived with my husband he hadn't even ever met her.

She just never comes over or calls.

I'm lucky to get a message on my birthday.

I had a year where I lived close and I went over on visit every couple of weeks or when I was in the neighborhood.. She seemed to like that.

But I don't have a car or a license so it's harder for me to go on visit when the distance is bigger.

So since we moved, she's been here once. (twice if you count today)

The first time she visited my dog, now I have a baby on the way, so that was the occasion. Oh this is the second year we're living in this house.

I started calling over more often because maybe she expects me to take the steps of communication.. But relationships do work 2 ways and I don't know if I can keep this up. It just makes me feel like she doesn't love me or doesn't care about me.

Today she visited and we taked about our cats a lot of the time but she was like.. Well I should do this and that and such and I sure as hell am not waking up before noon so.. I'll let you know on Saturday if I can manage..

I'm just not sure I want to be her daughter when I'll always be the lowest on her priority list... (yes I understand how dramatic that sounds😅)


The 2 years was regarding the first 2 I lived with my husband.. We're going on year 6 and gotten engaged, 1 dog and 2 cats later and a baby on the way.

She also wasn't a great mother in the past.

When I was 7 she wanted to abandon us and my dad but she didn't because her divorce lawyer advised her she can ask my dad for money if she kept us.

She gave us physical stuff but hardly ever any time or attention.

She allowed my brother to hit me and throw me around and beat me up. She actually punished me when my screams of pain were bothering her. I had to leave my home and lived by myself while I was still in school.

I am actually trying to overcome all this by trying to reconnect with her but she's not actually making it easy on me.

In a nutshell...

Oh I freely call my man my husband but we're not actually married yet.. But she already stated she might not come to my wedding because she wouldn't know anyone there...