Negative family members, anyone?

I suppose I’m probably just here to vent. I’ve got a sister in law who I’ve been very close with for the past 11+ years. She’s fun and supportive but she has a tendency to be very negative and very stressed out... about EVERYTHING. She struggled for a long time to get pregnant and was eventually successful with <a href="">IVF</a>. Even through her pregnancy and w the new baby, it’s always just a negative perspective. Fast forward to our first pregnancy. She was happy for us but always makes comments like “you sure you want to do this.. it’s soo hard” (meanwhile I’m pregnant... like wtf do you think I’m just going to end it because you tell me it’s hard?) recently she keeps making comments about not getting stuff for the baby or passing on hand-me-downs (which, of course, we are SO thankful for) because she doesn’t want me to miscarry and be upset because I have baby stuff in the house. Multiple comments telling me about her friend who lost a baby and how I should wait another months bc of a lower rate of MC. I’m 14 weeks now and very low risk overall. I understand things happen but it’s just not something my husband I are going to even let occupy our minds just to stress us out unnecessarily. I told her this and I’m pretty sure she’s pissed I didn’t just agree like everyone always does.

I’m sure it’s the hormones that are making me more frustrated, I guess I’m just feeling like these are weird things to say to someone who is excited and enjoying her pregnancy.

Any advice or similar experiences? May need to pick up Meditation haha.