Trying for a second baby after the first nearly destroyed me


My daughter is 2 and she is very high maintenance. I’m not sure if this is every mom’s experience or not. She just wants to spend a lot of quality time with us but it’s near impossible to get anything done. Right now I am managing her and her needs and development while my husband manages literally everything else.

We’ve been talking about having a second and I’m remembering how traumatizing the first year was for us. I breastfed around the clock every 1.5 hours until she was 6 months but she didn’t start sleeping through the night until after her first birthday. My husband and I are rock solid but the lack of sleep was just so awful for our marriage and mental health.

I just can’t imagine being able to stay sane doing it again but now with a toddler. I guess I’m looking for reassurance that I have the ability to do this without going crazy and burning myself out. Is this even anyone else’s experience or am I alone in this?