Temporary fence to keep kids in the backyard? Any ideas!!!

I’m currently renting and unfortunately the property doesn’t have a fence in the backyard. We are a corner house off a main road so it makes me extremely nervous having a small toddler.

I’m also pregnant so it’s very tiring for me to chase my toddler around the whole house. He keeps wanting to go to the front of the house and running all around peoples backyards.

We bought him a few outdoor play items in hopes to keep him only in the back, but it doesn’t seem to work 🤦🏻‍♀️😂

So I’m wondering if anyone has had a temporary fence (even the construction type) in their backyard and how well it worked. Do you think it would work for my son? Since it’s a rental we don’t want to put money into building a fence (especially since we’re saving and could possibly be in our own home within a year or two). But I’m just way to tired. I also can’t image chasing him all around while having a newborn!

I need a safe around for him to play.

If anyone has any ideas that would be great!