Crazy Thirsty and Feel Like My Boobs are Empty

Kaitlyn • Married, 26, 👶🫄

So it suddleny decided to be summer in East Tennessee and the temps went from 70s to 90s within a couple of days. I've been drinking extra water and make sure to drink water every nursing session and also in between. I've been drinking 20oz every session almost and then some extra. Yesterday we had a photoshoot for my baby's half birthday and we were out in the heat about an hour. I brought a bottle of expressed milk for her and never got the chance to pump after. Today we went to church and I like to bring a small bottle with us so I don't have to get up to nurse, but it was just 3oz and she normally drinks 4.5oz in a bottle. I haven't pumped yet today because I feel EMPTY. Like there's not really much left. I doubt I could even get a half ounce right now if I did pump. She's been nursing in really short sessions and has been fussy at the breast. Can your supply take that much of a hit from skipping pumping? Even when she's only had a little from a bottle? Or is the heat drying me up? Or is it something else like a growth spurt? I know there's usually one around 6 months, but she's not been eating like she has in the past during growth spurts. She was also fussy at the breast yesterday and didn't eat as much as she normally does. Is it just the heat making her eat less? I've only taken her out for a few minutes today and then we came back in because it was way too hot.