Helppp my baby only wants to be held by me


My little girl will be 3mos on the 20th and for over a month now she refuses to be held by anyone but me or dad! She will be content in someone else’s arms for no longer than a couple minutes before screaming her head off. We’ve tried everything, having other people hold her the same way she likes to be held by me, I’ve tried staying close and talking to her. I’ve tried leaving the room so I’m out of view. Nothing works. It’s so sad for both her grandmas because they can’t hold her. And sad for momma cuz that means nobody can help the days she wants to be held 24/7. ☹️ I’m afraid to leave her with anyone to be able to go run errands. My hubby is sending me to get my hair done next week while my mom watches her (he’ll be working) and I almost want to cancel because I feel like she’ll have a hard time. I can’t stand letting her cry it out and feel I won’t be able to bring myself to leave her if she’s crying. Anyone else experience this and can offer some advice? Momma needs a break and to rest her back!!

Thanks ladies ❤️