Am SUPER scared of tampons

I have a horrible fear of tampons... I don’t even know what to do anymore. Last night was the first time I fingered myself (not for pleasure purposes, just to try to understand my body more) I think the fear from me comes from the tampons looking so big. I know i know a woman’s body was designed to give birth but that doesn’t really help me. I’ve looked up small tampons... and the results don’t help because the tampons still look too big for me. (Even if they are “small!”) Whenever I think of inserting a tampon in I cry. I have a really high pain tolerance but when I know I’m about to have pain inflicted on me on PURPOSE it makes me freak out. Any tips? Is your hole normally bigger when you’re on your period rather than other times? Should I try to get myself aroused just so it expands so it could be easier to get in? I also don’t want to ask my mom about this... or therapist. Also I am 15. Any tip helps, thank you!