Scrotum Ultrasound

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2 weeks ago, hubs went to a urologist specializing in fertility for the first fricking time in 3.5 years of trying (Sorry, im a little salty that it took so long to get a referral for him to see a specialist). He's seen a urologist before about 2 years ago, but he told us he didn't feel anything in the exam, and hormones were normal ranges, and tben EMAILED us to say we would only be able to conceive vis <a href="">IVF</a>. And we've been to a RE, and through 1 round of <a href="">IVF</a>, but they have only cared about treating me, while they've also told me that everything looks great with me... so why aren't we treating him!?!?

Anyway, this guy examined him and immediately said there might be varicosels (i dont think that's how you spell it), and referred him out for an ultrasound. He said they're rated in a scale of 1 to 3, 3 being when a guys pulls down his pants he can see them clearly, to a 1 being hurting an exam he can maybe sort of feel them. He said the hubs is like a 1.5... he also said there could be a mass blocking the sperm release... which of course FREAKED my husband out.

So he went to get the ultrasound and we are now awaiting results. He also did a new SA, since its been almost 2 years since he's done 1. He goes back on our anniversary, the 26th. I feel like that's such a long time to wait for results for something like that.

I kinda hope it's varicosels... I've heard great things about pregnancy after its fixed!! Definitely hope its NOT a mass. But wouldn't it be great if he had that surgery, and then boom... we FINALLY conceived naturally after all this time!! That'd be awesome!