Am I right to break lease?


So My husband and I moved into this apartment 3 weeks ago, but since they day we moved in my upstairs neighbors have been RIDICULOUSLY loud. So my landlord lives above me, then they live above him (it’s a 3 floor house renovated to be sectioned off). They start making noise from the moment he leaves, til he gets home.

They ONLY start being super loud when he leaves so they KNOW it’s wrong and that we can hear them since he’s had issues in the past, and we have personally talked to them about it and so has our landlord countless times.

The parents scream and fight, the kids slam doors, throw things, scream, jump around and it literally sounds like they throw around weights since it’s Fucking ridiculous.

I work 3rd shift so I need to sleep during the day which I can’t with them doing this. I usually put on music and a loud fan on to try and drown it out. I’ve even taken snapchats of how loud they are since people say I’m over exaggerating.

The thing that pisses me off is that they stop right when my landlord gets home since they know it’s wrong and that we can hear them. I’m not gonna keep waiting for them to stop. The landlord told us that there’s kids above us but they’re only there usually 3 days out of a week (not true they’re always there) and that they’re a nice quiet family that has lived there for years.

Should I be pissed off because of this? Is this a good reason to move? I’d be breaking the lease but I literally can’t drown out how loud they are.

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