Don’t get me a ring if you aren’t gonna wear one too!

So my boyfriend got me a promise ring for my birthday. And a couple days later, I asked if he wanted one too but he said he didn’t like to wear things like that. So I considered his feelings because I really wanted him to wear one too. A couple months later his mom gives him this ring and he wears it so proudly showing it off to everyone. He asked me if I liked it and I said yes. I then asked him how come he didn’t wanna wear a promise ring with me? And he got so offended and took his mother’s gifted ring off and gave it back to her. By the way I was talking so calmly and as nicely as I could. Then he said “a promise ring doesn’t mean anything to me” so we were just arguing and I asked why did he get me one if he means nothing while crying and he then said “just throw it out”..... would it bother you if your S/Odid that? does it bother you that your S/O doesn’t wear a ring?

I’m just so upset because this conversation took way too far and I didn’t even mean for it to. I considered his feelings and I just wished he considered mine. But I guess he’ll wear any ring as long as it has nothing to do with me. By the way he also mentioned that I needed to buy it with my own money and I’ve been a stay at home mom for 2 years now.. so I’m really upset! If that’s the case, all his presents all these years I bought with his money weren’t really presents to him. :( I hate how he could use that against me because he was the one telling me “my money is your money too”