how to hide body acne during sex??

ladies, I need help. i've struggled with moderate body acne my entire teen/adult life (21 now) and its always been super embarrassing when it comes to sex. i'm gonna be hooking up with someone in a few days and while my shoulders and chest don't really have any acne on them, my back and butt do. it's SO embarrassing, especially on my butt. I always take good care of my skin but I've been extra careful recently knowing this hookup was coming up, yet I still have a breakout of literal whiteheads on my butt and it's nasty. I've been using body acne skincare products as well as spot treatments and they won't go away. I have about 4 days. how can I hide this during sex?? I can ask for the lights to be off of course but I'm worried he could still see the dark spots if there's a TV or any glow or feel the bumps. I'm open to products, last min remedies, even makeup?? I don't know, I'm desperate at this point. thanks :(