Happy 1st Pride to my wife


June is #pridemonth, and even though this year, pride is stepping down to support #blm, I would still like to shout out to someone this #pride. I want to shout out my lovely WIFE Charlotte, and how this year is her first year of pride. My dear wife just recently came out to me as transgender in February. She has always known she wasn't like everyone around her, but she never had a name to put to the feeling. My wife was never a stereotypical man before coming out. She was always feminine so much, so my family was convinced she was secretly gay. This has been a crazy adjustment for us. My wife has only come out to a handful of people. She is still waiting to make the mega jump into telling her family hence why I chose an avatar to represent her. My wife does not plan to transition surgically anytime soon, seeing as it is costly. Her chosen name is Charlotte, and her pronouns are she/her/hers. We have a tall climb ahead of us in the future. I know we will face loads of hate, controversy, struggles, and more. Not only are we a couple where one of us is transgender, but now we are (I guess) a lesbian couple as well. We will face lots of hate when it comes to our love and even more for being parents. I know people will have a lot to say about us being parents, especially and will try to condemn us for exposing our children to LBGTQ+ life. I love my WIFE, and I have loved her since I was 11, and nothing nor anyone will change that. We have been together for nine years, and we will be together more. We are TTC baby number two before she transitions (non surgically). So thank you for following our TTC journey and partially our LBGTQ+ journey.