Miscarriage group.

shaquell • mother to a princess 👑 💕

I think this app should create a group for women who’ve miscarried. It would be nice for women who are grieving to be able to talk amongst others who can help uplift and share their experience dealing with such a difficult loss. Having a miscarriage can be so traumatizing and it can put you into a deep depression. Many women across the world could really come together and talk about their loss and maybe that could help some women cope. Some times that’s all people need is someone to talk to. A lot of times people in our day to day lives isn’t there for us as much as we’d like but to have people that you’ve never met give you advice and share their story with you it could help a lot.

Coming from someone who just went through a miscarriage last month, I know how painful it is mentally and physically. It was so hard for me to watch something that I’ve created leave my body for 2 weeks and there was nothing I could do about it. On the surface I came across as strong but beneath the surface I was scared and falling apart. I fell into a deep depression not even wanting to try ever again, I cried silently at night without my bf knowing, I find myself getting a little jealous when I see people post their newborns but also happy in the same sense. I just find myself wondering what was wrong with me? Why couldn’t I carry a healthy baby full term? So many questions go through my mind and at times I find myself in a daze. As of today I’m doing a lot better mentally, although last night I went to the bathroom and cried my eyes out thinking “what if?” I was so early in my pregnancy but I still feel like I lost something that was apart of me.. something that was supposed to be here. I say to myself “I’m so sorry mommy couldn’t hold you” because sometimes I feel like it’s my fault even when it’s not. 😔 I just hope and pray that the next pregnancy will stick.

Anyways, I’m open to read other women’s stories if you’re open with sharing on this post and also I just want to tell every women on here who has or is going through a miscarriage that it will get better and you will be okay in due time. Grieve as long as you need to. You are not alone.