hey ?


hey guys, so I decided to come on here and tell y’all something i’ve basically never told anyone while growing up.

Ever since I was a little girl I felt as if I wasn’t meant to be a girl, like I was meant to be a boy. it’s weird. I know it was weird to me, but now that I am an adult I know those feelings weren’t fake. I’ve had my experience with women before and enjoyed it quiet frankly. i’ve also had my fare share of men. i’ve tried to say i’m not into women because people around me wouldn’t accept it but got dammit I love women. I love how sweet we smell, how soft we are. Our freaking boobs are amazing soft pillows.

I’m just scared to fully admit that I am bisexual and I love both male and female. UGH I didn’t know I was holding this for so longgggg 😫

it’s been dying to come out and although i’ve had my sexual experience w a woman I wanna try an emotional one now. I don’t know guys. i’ve never put these feelings down in writing 😕