Idk what to do

I’m at my boyfriend’s place right now and I went to the bathroom to clean myself up after making love. I opened the cabinet under the sink hoping I might find some sort of baby wipes. What I found was a set of hot rollers, a curling iron, a vanity mirror, and a makeup bag filled with razors(female), makeup wipes and Clinique skin care. None of that is mine. I tried rationalizing with myself saying it might be his daughter’s. But that immediately didn’t make sense because she’s nine. So naturally I take out the hot rollers to see if I can find any stray hairs. I found one short one. I know it didn’t come from his daughter because she’s biracial and has kinky curly hair. This hair is straight and obviously Caucasian.

I feel crazy analyzing this hair like I’m from CSI or something. There’s also several bottles of shampoo and conditioner. My man is BALD. And his daughter has her own bathroom attached to her room so it wouldn’t make sense for it to be hers.

Now I don’t know what to do. Right now I’m laying beside him in bed while he’s snoring like a freight train. I’m trying to keep it together. Idk if I should confront him or what? If I do then I give myself away for snooping (even though I was legitimately looking for wet wipes.) I thought about leaving a sticky note on the mirror with “Who is she?” written on it and see how long it takes him to notice and ask me about it. But maybe that’s childish.

So many thoughts and emotions are going thru my head rn. Idk what to do.

Edit: my snoopiness has got the better of me. I have also discovered condoms in his night stand. We don’t use condoms and he’s had a vasectomy. So why else would they be there except for preventing stds when hooking up with other women?? I’m starting to drive myself crazy!