What do you think?


My husband and I have been TTC since August/September 2019 and haven’t had any luck yet. I got off the pill in July 2019 after being on it for 10 years. We are 27 years old.

My cycle seems to be between 23 and 28 days long. 10 years ago before birth control it was only 21 days long. Some months I test using ovulation tests and other months I don’t test at all and just rely on what the app thinks.

These were my tests from the last week. I am pretty positive I peaked in Day 12, meaning I likely ovulated on Day 13, right? Do you think I’m timing this right?

We had sex on CD 8, 10, 12, 13, 14 and will again today just in case (today is CD 15). Do you think that’s good or should we for a few more days after today too?