My Husband Cheated On Me

My husband has been talking to other girls on facebook. I went back to my home country last year while I was still pregnant. When I came back to Canada, I immediately opened his phone and saw messages to this other girl. He then said it was my fault because I always wanted to get in touch of him when I was on vacation. We then made up and he told me he’s not going to do it again. For the rest of my pregnancy, my emotions were affected by what hd happened. I gave birth on December and I thought we were okay already. Until, last night, I opened his other email and I figured out that he has another facebook. I opened it and the girl he plays with on computer is actually his gf. The girl from last year, he still talks too. And her ex gf before me, he still talks too as well. I need help. I don’t know what to do. I feel so insecure already without the cheating part. Now, it just got worse. I feel like I’m not enough for him.😢