Kitten doesn't like me

My mom brought an abandoned three week old kitten home and I personally made sure she was fed, was kept warm, went to the bathroom regularly, was played with, and just generally loved. I took care of her on my own until she was old enough to wander around on her own and was able to go to the bathroom and eat by herself. Now that she's a few months older though she doesn't really care for me and if she interacts with me she'll attack my hand and claw it to pieces. She absolutely adores my mom, she'll run to the door when she comes home and scream until she picks her up, and she loves my brother who is almost never home and couldn't care less about her. I know its silly but im disappointed and a little hurt, I dont know what I did wrong. I've raised three cats, all of which have loved me and slept in my bed every night from the day we got them, but this kitten just doesn't like me. Is there anything I can do to strengthen our bond or behavior I should watch for on my part to correct?