Are they just friends or more?

I’ve been talking to this one guy for months now. We went on a few dates prior to the pandemic and I went over to his house a few times before but we haven’t been able to do anything since. But we text every day and are super flirty and plan on doing something soon. I mentioned to him one day that I don’t send sexy pics to anyone else and he said he’s happy I don’t. I assumed this meant that we’re only talking to each other. Well I noticed that he follows this one girl on insta and he’s always liking her pics. She’s a single mom to a young kid and so is he. I was scrolling through her pics and saw that she posted a pic of her and her kid which he like and commented just a heart on. She replied back with just a heart. This was a month and a half ago. This whole time we’ve been talking as normal. He’s a very friendly guy and is friends with a lot of girls which I’m okay with but idk what to think of this? Idk if this is something that should be addressed or if I should just let it go? Idk if I should ask him if he’s talking to other girls and I’m not even sure if I should ask that yet.

Update: the more I looked into her profile, it looks like they moved across the country earlier this month. That could be why ?