Ttc#2 at 42 yrs old .


my first child born 4.5 yrs ago on 4th cycle of clomid . Now struggling to conceive again , been trying since he was 1/1.5 . been given clomid for 6 cycles and nothing , tried testing acidity down below , taken cranberry and can’t remember what else , taking inositol powder with water , testing for ovulation , then just tried to stop doing anything and just have fun but that doesn’t work either , had a laparoscopy/dye and hysteroscopy to find reason not getting pregnant and found nothing . They said can’t do anything else for me then . To go for <a href="">ivf</a> £6000 (too much money ) .

I’m now back taking folic acid and using preseed . Hope this is it .

The news of my middle brother conceiving and twins in first cycle trying didn’t go down well on me .

Not looking for anything posting this , just putting it out there .

Good luck ladies out there trying to conceive . Fingers crossed we will be blessed with a little baby soon . Baby dust to you all .