He’s not circumcised.. *UPDATE*

I’ve never been with someone uncircumcised and I haven’t seen it yet but Friday is my dick appointment. There’s nothing wrong with being uncircumcised I just want to know what to expect and please give me any tips on oral sex with it. I mean I might even sound like an idiot because it might be the exact same as a circumcised dick 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️ anyways he said it’s his biggest insecurity so I wanna make him feel comfortable and to actually know how to make him feel good 😫 so please help a girl ouuuuut.


Okay ladies! So it happened. The skin around his head makes me gag when it hits the back of my throat because of the texture.. not a bad thing but it’s something I wish I didn’t do. He also stated he can’t have sex without a condom because it hurts him.. I’m not complaining tho condoms are always a good thing 😂😂. He didn’t complain about the bj but I know I still need to know how to work it with uncircumcised dicks. I read a little bit from other people on this app and they said sometimes the head is too sensitive when exposed so it kinda freaked me out...

ALSO, he wants to see me again this Friday 🤪