3rd month TTC weird cycle

My husband and i are in our 3rd month ttc and i I am having a STRANGE cycle. I started my last period on CD 27 which was 3 days early for me and it was very different than my normal period. I started out with dark brown spotting for a full day which is rare for me because i usually start and its heavy in a few hours. I have endometriosis so i always get horrible cramps and lower back pain on my 2nd day of my period which i got very mild this month (not complaining though lol). I had clots like i usually do but my period was only 3 days of actual bleeding and I'm usually 5 days long. I kept getting weird nausea and extreme fatigue for a few days after my period so i took a pregnancy test just to be safe which was obviously negative and an ovulation test which was pretty dark for that point in my cycle but still negative so I figured i may just ovulate early this month. I am now CD 13 and i usually ovulate around day 14 to day 16 but all of my ovulation tests have been almost completely blank. I have had VERY faint lines and I don't know what's going on. Has anyone else experienced this or something similar? I'm so confused