To go or not to go ....

I can’t decide wether or not to go with my husband to visit his parents and grandparents for the day. We also have an 18 month old, whom they haven’t seen since lockdown. It’s a 1 hour car trip...

The reasons holding me back are:

1. I’m pregnant again, still in 1s trimester, feel pretty sick most of the time. They don’t know and I’m not ready for them to know.

2. His grandparents have started seeing other great grandkids who are either in school or in early years - I’m concerned about transmission now that I’m pregnant.

3. They have passed abusive comments to me every so often. I’ve let things slide, for the sake of my husband. But seeing them just makes me anxious. I would be happier not being involved and skipping a few visits if I have the option to.

4. If I don’t go, then I definitely wouldn’t let my baby go. This would definitely upset them, and it would likely raise a lot of questions and backlash towards me. Perhaps it would show my husband their true colours towards me!!

What would you girls do?