39 weeks & Frustrated with OBGYN / NO INFO


Hi Guys

So i need some info/advise

This is my first pregnancy, i live in the states now after moving from the UK.

Im trying to figure out if my Obgyn places procedures are standard US procedures or specific to this particular OBGYN.

Im 39 weeks & so far:

1. Don’t know the size of my baby (all they do is check with tape to see if my bump is on schedule. I asked and they said there’s no need)

2. I don’t know how dilated I am or if I’m even dilated. Asked at 39 week appointment & doctor just brushed pass the request. Which worries me as I’ve suffered chronic bv infections throughout my pregnancy.

3. Don’t know the position of my baby, which is worrying considering I’m a couple days from my due date.

4. My Obgyn go through doctor rotations, so ive never consistently saw 1 doctor, it’s always a different one each appointment. And the one that’ll deliver my baby will be the one that’s available that day.

5. Doctors refuse to do ANY ultrasounds after the anatomy scan 20 weeks (which if heard is normal)

With being days away from labor i understand it’s too late to switch, but can someone tell me about their experiences?? And if this is normal?

I just don’t understand how I can have so little information on what’s going on.