Is this inappropriate?

I’m friends with three people I used to kick it with in high school. They’re each guys.

One is my best friend (has been for half my life) and more recently, my BF

One is one of my oldest friends who had a crush on me since middle school, but who I’ve never been intimate with and never wanted to date. He kissed me once at a party under very inappropriate circumstances bc it was his gf’s party. AND NO ONE SAW, and we just pretended it never happened after a strict talking-to.

The other is a sweetie who is close w the second guy I mentioned.

When I chat with the second guy, he says “ohhhh is that my booboo on the phone! Hey babe!!!” And he calls me all kinds of endearments with lots of warmth and defection. He’s always called me “boo” and I’ve always been his sort of girl-next-door type of friend. He is extremely close to my heart.

Now I’m kinda wondering if it’s I appropriate. We talk on speaker 100% of the time, and whenever my boyfriend is there he joins the convo. He invites me out of state and always invites my boyfriend too, and I would never go without my boyfriend simply out of respect (bc I would want to, I just wouldn’t).

I’m feeling a little guilty though just because no other man talks to me like that, rly, and despite it not being sexual he does sometimes mention how he used to be in love with me and stuff. I am not going to choose between them. I have no nuclear family and I treasure our friendship which is familial.

What would you suggest I do outside of severing either relationship, because that would be a waste of thumb energy.

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