Need of a little light of hope...

I’m 33 and have yet to meet the one. I have been in dead end relationships in the past and my most recent one wasn’t all flowers and rainbows. Just felt like I kept putting more effort than he did, even in the smaller things.

He emotionally cheated more than once, all while my dumb ass keep giving him chances until i decided I just had enough.

I am just tired of the dating scene and all that comes with it (disappointment mostly) but I know if I don’t put myself out there I might not run into or find my person...I just need a ounce of shimmering hope here.

I just want to meet finally meet my husband y’all 😩🥺

Please share some of your stories and on how you meet your husbands 🙏🏼 ❤️ I need some hopeful stories here...Thank you!