C section with no help at night?


I'm going in for my 3rd c section next month. I have 2 boys one from a previous relationship and one with my fiance, number 2 with him is on the way. So with the coronavirus happening I can only have 1 person with me during my scheduled c section, our hospital allows for that person to come and go as needed, thankfully. My oldest sons dad will keep him while I'm in the hospital, however my youngest im struggling to find someone who could keep him. My mom is a huge help to us and will keep the boys whenever we need, however she is having a hip replacement done at the end of this month and just won't be able to keep my younger one, hes 2 and a half almost 3 and super busy. So if my fiance drops him off at daycare during the day and then picks him up and takes him home at night, I would be there alone. How many of you would be comfortable by yourself after a c section during the night with no help? I think I could probly handle it but I'm worried about moving around with no help. Anybody been through anything similar?