Tips for dehydratation starting premature labor at 33 wks


I started having painfull contractions last night and ended up at L & D for monitoring. Turns out I was heavily dehydrated and they gave me intravene fluids to slow the contractions.

Ive been drinking glasses of water after glasses of water all my pregnancy because im thristy all the time, my urine is always light colored and i go multiples times a day so I was shocked to hear that I was dehydrated to that point. They asked if I had GD but i passed easily the test at 26wks and I actually always have low blood sugar.

They told me to come back if the contractions starts again and to hydrate and to get gatorade to help hydratation. Ill be calling my doctor for tips but wanted to know if any of you dealt with this and how did you get back to normal level of hydratation. Ive already been drinking 2-3 brita pitcher of water a day normally.