Hello all!

I miscarried May 21st at 9/10 weeks. We found out at around 7 weeks we had a missed miscarriage due to blighted ovum. I took Misoprostol upon my OBs recommendation. She never got any initial labs, only ever sent me for ultrasounds. After the MC she said labs weren’t necessary and we could start trying as soon as the bleeding stopped. She advised against tracking my ovulation or using HPT because they wouldn’t be accurate. So here I am 7 weeks later. No AF and confused as heck.

Last weekend I started with sensitive and sore breasts (not as sore as last time), back pain, tired feeling no matter how much sleep, intermittent nausea, cranky mood and craving spicy foods. All of the same symptoms I had when I became pregnant in March. I did take HPTs the past 2 days and both were positive. However, I’m concerned the positives are caused by residual hormones. My doctor never really gave me any idea of what to expect, and now I really wish I had taken home tests just to monitor. Her office staff is pretty unreliable when it comes to messages. And honestly, based off our last experience, I’m not sure I 100% trust her. (That’s another story). I’m trying to find another practice, but the closest that accepts our insurance is an hour away. (Yay rural living and UPMC)

I don’t want to get my hopes up (or my hubby’s). I’m planning to wait a week and see what happens. How long after a MC did it take for AF return?