Baby Number #2 is on the way - Details Below of what we did

My period is not due until sometime between Friday and Monday. I did not chart ovulation, but I did with my last pregnancy and that’s what I was working off of. When we were trying to conceive my first, I almost always ovulated on Day 16. This would likely be 11DPO.

We had sex on cycle day 15 only in my fertility window. Likely the same day my first was conceived.

Last time, it took 7 months. This one 2. With my daughter, I obsessed with the charting and was very uptight all the time. This time, I have hindsight in my favor. I knew it was likely that I ovulate around day 16 and I could get pregnant, so I relaxed. I meditated a few days and lived my life. I did have some intuition.

Sunday, I started having a heavy feeling in my lower abdomen. I recognized this from with my daughter. I read multiple times this isn’t a sign. I’m here to tell you it is in my case. It was very distinct for me from period cramping. I am also already peeing a lot. I had symptoms before my missed period with my daughter too.

I took this first test this morning and my husband thought it was negative , so I took the second this afternoon.

Baby dust to everyone!