Hobbies during quarantine!


Just excited to share. Before motherhood, I guess you could say drawing was a hobby of mine. I’ve always enjoyed expressing myself artistically - but since my son was born, I haven’t prioritized time to get creative and do something I love just for myself.

I’ve always been an acrylic nail girl. There’s just something about a beautiful set that makes me feel so bougie and glamorous, even bare faced and wearing pjs lol but in the severity of lockdown, I had to improvise. I had mastered the long lasting adhesion of press on, getting at least a weeks worth of wear - but I really wanted that authentic salon quality look so I’ve since invested in gel polishes, tips, a lamp, nail tools, dip powders, the whole 9 & started playing around with creating my own sets. After a lot of trial and error and embarrassingly sloppy sets, I’ve finally mastered the craft & I’ve found a creative outlet that I really enjoy practicing and perfecting & I cannot wait time build on my in-home nail salon products and creating more dynamic, professional sets.

This is the first set I’ve done, that I’ve really been proud to show off. They’re the most natural, seamless set I’ve accomplished so far. I absolutely love dip powder. I don’t think I’ll ever go back to acrylic or gel polish ever again! Along with that - I don’t think I’ll ever step foot in a salon ever again either.

I feel so excited to have found a new hobby that I’m truly passionate about!

The only thing I would have done differently, that I’m excited to try with the next set, is building some structure and creating that apex - that slight curve to the nails you see with acrylic, & I think if I had known how to do achieve that before I sealed everything in and gave them a topcoat, they would really embody that professional look that I was aiming for.

I think what great thing that has come from this lengthy ass quarantine, is seeing people find ways to DIY things they’d pay out the ass for to have someone else do. We’re all so busy that we can’t or don’t take the time to try to do things ourselves & now we’ve been given this time (under unfortunate circumstances) to tackle projects and explore new hobbies. What are some things you’ve been doing during quarantine? Any new hobbies you’ve picked up? Post pics of things you’ve built, revamped, or created!!