Am I crazy?

*Edited to clarify*

Thank you for your replies. Below is more info that may help. Trying to keep it brief as I know people on here personally and would like to keep this private for the time being.

The ‘mild’ term has been used as there is no intellectual deficits, in fact is advanced for age.

The high needs is in terms of sensory and sleep struggles. It takes at least 3 hours of bedtime routine and still frequent night waking, is not toilet trained, restricted diet. Due to sensory avoidance personal hygiene, teeth/hair brushing, bathing etc is a huge issue and needs 1-on-1 assistance.

I’m terms of the sibling bond, has not shown any interest and avoids all interaction.

We’d always planned on having 3 children. We currently have two and would still love one more.

However our eldest (4) has just been diagnosed with mild ASD. On one hand I feel guilty for still considering another as one of my children is high needs. On the other hand I feel another would be beneficial for my youngest who is craving the sibling bond (that’s certainly not the only reason we’re considering another, it was always the plan).

Are we crazy for still wanting another?

Pros, cons, all comments welcome.