Hand me downs

I'm getting really annoyed with my mil trying to get rid of the things she no longer needs. Somtimes we appreciate it and need it. But a lot of other times. She just wants to get rid of it. My husband never consults with me and comes with a whole bunch a crap. We end up using all our closet space. (We have an apartment) he denied something from her and her feelings got hurt and basically said we don't like hand me downs. So he gave in and accepted a whole bunch of stuff. Sotmimes I want to yell and let her know to please stop unless it's something she knows we truly need. I don't need half used lotions, and fruit bowls that you don't want because you got a new one. It also bothers me that he can never say no thank you and he gets angry with me when we don't need the things and I try to donate it. At this point I'm just annoyed and he will never take me into consideration. But I'm the one cleaning, dealing with all this junk and clutter .