Disconnected to the pregnancy


Sometimes i feel disconnected to my pregnancy. I feel time is passing and I'm getting closer to the end but my excitement hasn't came. I also feel not pregnant. Its really wierd. I've had other pregnancies and I've been more connected. I even noticed I haven't taken any belly pics but one. I know I love my baby but I'm just having a hard time enjoying it. Im not miserable or anything. Its like a mental thing. I did have a miscarriage a month prior to this pregnancy could it be from that? Anyone else with similar feelings or gone through this. The weird part is my husband is not being involved much in the pregnancy i think he feels a disconnect too. Could it be the virus has basically shunned and hid my pregnancy. No joys of going out shopping, no maternity photos, gender reveals, visiting family and seeing thier excitement, husband not allowed at appointments, I can go on and on.