Is this normal?

So my boyfriend and I have had quite the relationship. I have left him multiple times because I feel as though he can be very emotionally abusive and manipulative.

I currently am staying at my parent’s with our daughter while I decide if I want to move back and be with him fully, or if we should just part ways.

2 years ago, I left him for about a month and slept with someone during that time. He has always been resentful of that (even though this time he slept with 6 girls). He throws it in my face constantly and makes me feel like a whore when we fight. He’s called me names when angry, but then is SO sweet most of the time and just makes me love him.

My biggest issue recently is anytime we fight and he wants me to make it up to him or have him not be upset, he wants a real story of me sleeping with that guy. Like he wants a full detailed encounter but it was 2 years ago?

I told him it makes me EXTREMELY uncomfortable and I don’t want to, but he always is like “just tell me because it will help me move on and forgive you for everything and not be mad”. So I have done it a couple times.

Well he just asked AGAIN because he’s currently mad at me for spending the week with my family.

I feel gross and I feel like he is being beyond manipulative. What are your thoughts? Should I keep giving in? Or should I put my foot down? I don’t understand any of this.