Kidney stones while pregnant 😩


Thursday night i had severe back and abdominal pain and went to the ER. They sent me up to L&D so they could monitor baby and give me fluids. I ended up feeling better after a few hours so i was sent home. Saturday morning i woke up in extreme pain again and went back to the hospital. They did some ultrasounds and monitored the baby. They ended up finding 5 stones in my right kidney and at least 8 in my left. I’ve never had a problem with stones before but it does run in my family. They ended up taking me to surgery and putting a stent in. I’m back home but still in a ton of pain. My question is if anyone else has experienced kidney stones while pregnant and if it ended up pushing you into preterm labor? I’ll be 30 weeks on Wednesday so if i do end up going into preterm labor baby will have a very good chance. Also if you did have stones did they end up inducing you a few weeks early so that you could get lithotripsy or have a surgery to remove the stones?