If you’re having or had a D&C, please read!

T • Mama to a miracle🌈 6/8/21

I went into my surgery after researching on glow and google for days, expecting to have my levels dropped in 2 weeks and pregnant again the next month. News flash- it doesn’t happen like that. Don’t get your hopes up, or you will be so stressed and anxious, like myself.

I have had my first period 2.5 weeks after my surgery, OVULATED and still 7 weeks post surgery I still have + tests lol.

I had blood drawn at 6 weeks post-op and my HCG was at a 6.8. So here I am 4 days later STILL getting a first response.

I am also 8DPO, (ovulated super late) so maybe we’re just super lucky and caught and catching that first tiny bit of hormones after implantation, but I’m not too hopeful. That being said, be patient, don’t be expecting quick, good news. It isn’t that quick and easy for everyone. Also while you’re here, please say a prayer that the lord blesses us with a sweet baby soon. I’ll do the same for those reading!

Today’s test, 46 days-post-op, 28 days-post-period.

Update: 2 hours after making this post I got my next period. Not the answer I wanted but it’s enough to keep me going knowing I’ll ovulate in 14 days!