Changed my profile pic & he got mad

So today I changed my profile pic to a selfie of myself the pic I had before I changed it was a pic of my and my husband.

But I recently took a cute selfie and felt cute did my makeup was wearing a cute outfit and was feeling myself .

And out of no where today my husband noticed it and got mad he is like ur a single mom ??

I was so confused I’m like how ?? What are u taking about and he’s like ur pic u put on fb it’s of only u 👀👀👀 I’m like damn can’t pic a selfie he is like I guess idc just saying ur acting like a single mom 👀 I don’t understand how ??

It says I’m married and he’s on my married status sooo I don’t understand so I deactivated my Facebook so I won’t hear no crying and I let him know I deleted my account because ur crying about it sooooo who’s the single mom now 😂 ...

is he being ridiculous??

Anyone wanna see the profile pic I posted ?👀