Looong birth story!


I loved reading other birth stories, so thought I'd share mine finally! It's a really long one, 36 hours water broken, 25 hours active labor, and an hour and a half of pushing. I was 41 weeks on Tues 7/7- at 1 am, my water broke, luckily I made it to the bathroom. I woke my husband and called my birth center and the midwife told me try and rest and I would come in later in the morning. I had been having back contractions for a few days and they were picking up, I did not get much rest. Later they confirmed it was my water, and I went back home to labor there until around 7 pm (contractions were 5 min apart by 1 pm). I was still only 4 cm, and had until 1 am to reach 6 before I had to transfer to the hospital for risk of infection. We tried everything and I only made it to a 5 :(. By 12:30 am I wasn't coping well anymore and was worried about the baby, we made the call to move to the hospital. Getting screened while having back to back contractions was horrible, but I was finally at 6 cm when I got the epidural and having back to back contractions. I was able to rest and was fully dilated by 12pm. My baby boy was born at 1:42 pm but had pooped at some point, was sunny side up (flipped at the end), and we both had slight fevers. Amazingly all ended up with no complications, but we spent 2 days in the hospital just to be monitored. My trouble making miracle is already up over his birth weight and his jaundice level risk is gone (was higher due to my blood type) and is thriving, we are so in love!! Welcome Flynn, born 7/8, 7 lbs 11 oz, 21 inches 💙💙!