Wish I had mom friends

So I hope this isn’t too long

My family is very strong in their Mormon church, and I wasn’t always the best when it came to following the ways of the church. I went through a very rough path to make it to where I am today.

When I had my baby boy, my parents introduced me to a girl who is the same age as me and also has a baby boy the same age as my son. She is SO nice. She’s actually perfect. She is very strong in the church and literally every aspect of her life is in place (as far as home, family, etc)

We met up once to have a baby play date and i thought it was awesome! I really loved being around her and I really wanted to become close friends with her.

After I left though, she never took initiative to message me again or ask to hang out. I tried a couple times but we couldn’t make it work.

Now it’s been about 8 months since we’ve seen each other and I always see her posting with other moms and she never invited us to her baby’s first birthday.

I feel super down because although I’m not the perfect example of a Mormon (I don’t actually go to church or believe in it) I really thought that my current values as a person align with hers and I was looking forward to growing a relationship with a mom friend...

I found myself comparing myself to mom friends she hangs out with and i literally sat and deleted half of my posts on Facebook and figuring out what I can do to change so she will see me as a better person.

I really don’t do anything wrong btw...

Idk but I am starting to come to terms with the fact that I can’t make anyone like me. I’m super depressed that the nice moms don’t like me because of my past, but the party moms don’t like me because of my present...

I just wanted to fit in with someone good and have my baby grow up with a good friend.