Anyone else dealing with no sleep and has been since the 4 month regression hit?

My babe use to sleep through the night and then the four month regression hit!!! And since then i have had nothint but issues. Takes her forever to fall asleep and she cant ever stay asleep unless im right there next to her. She is still breastfed and rocked to sleep (a problem in itself)

My husband will not let me sleep train and is happy to rock her but problem is she will only let me rock her!! At nights when she wakes she wants me. Literally needs to be touching me or else she starts moving. She is 10kg and honestly rocking her for 30mins to 1 hr is soooo hard for me. I legit hve not slept through the night since she was 4 months old and my longest uninterrupted sleep is 3 hours 😢

She is also quite gassy, farts constantly in her sleep and cries when she moves about while arching her back. So i am thinking this may disrupt her sleep? Does anyone have any tips to help with that? Or sleep?

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