Who is wrong

My bf of almost 6 years always wanted to cum in my mouth and me to swallow. I made it clear from the start that i didn't like it, and that cum in my mouth equalled barfing.

He would use the whole "well, you did it in the past why not with me.." shit. I answered the same.

Back and forth, I just agreed to shut him up. Said i would do it in the shower.

Luckily, he never cums without jerking off, so ive been in the clear.

Today, the topic came up, and i said basically that I hated how he makes me feel guilty for not wanting to do it, when he knows I dont like it. That i hate it, and it is disgusting.

He says the same shit "well, I just figured if your partner wanted to try something, you would." i replied "well, i tried it twice..... Twenty fucking years ago, and determined that I really dont like it." he replied "well, I figured that you did it before with someone you cared about, so you would do it for your partner that you've been with a long time, because he has nevee done it before." it was just the above shit over and over.

My thinking is:

1. I told him i dont like it from the get go. I feel like a respectful partner would respect my stance and not push it.

2. That he shouldn't make me feel bad about things i did in my past, nor make me feel bad for not wanting to do it again

3. My hypothetical :I want to stick my finger up his ass and milk his prostate. He doesn't want to. So, should i drop it like a respectful partner, or keep pushing it. His stance... That's not the same because I've never tried it before, and it wont make me cum. Well, in my opinion so the same. In fact, maybe more arguable that he's never tried it, so how can he determine? I don't push the issue. I take his no, and move on.

I feel like he being super manipulative and also gaslighting me.

Then i wonder if maybe im being unreasonable?

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