I need some advice😖 please don’t judge..


I have a friend and I call him Ozzy. I kinda caught feeling for Ozzy but he’s in a relationship. The thing is that his gf is super toxic and he wanted to try and make it work but he’s done with it and he wants to break up with her but she won’t let him ig? I’ve known him for a while but I never really talked to him. I recently went to a get together with a mutual friend and every one hates his gf (I think they said she cheated on him but I’m not sure) We were talking a bit at the get together and he even ended giving me his sweater cause it got cold. Since then he’s been flirting and calling me gorgeous and stuff but he’s still with his gf😔 Idk what to do cause as much as I like him, he’s still technically in a relationship and I’m no home wrecker😫 helpppp


I had a talk with him and he basically was leading me on and playing me the whole time👍🏼