My girl is here!!


I went in the night of July 6th to start the induction process, they started me on cervidil and the next morning on pitocin. Contractions started and by noon they were super intense so I asked for an epidural, but my body did NOT react well to it. My blood pressure dropped super low, and I couldn’t feel my entire body, I felt like I was going to throw up or pass out. Apparently I don’t have the epidural space in my spine...? Whatever that means Lol.

So the anesthesiologist came up with something else to help with the pain and it would work for like an hour before wearing off and I’d feel all the contractions full force. It definitely felt like the longest day ever, just going back and forth from extreme pain to being comfortable all day.

At 1am Wednesday morning they told me I can finally start pushing! As soon as it was time, the numbness was wearing off and I was scared because I didn’t plan on feeling the pain but it turned out perfect. I felt in control and focused and got her out in just a few pushes!!

Our <a href="">Eve</a> Luna 💕