Exhausted all the time at 13 weeks with twins... normal?!


Hi ladies,

Hoping for some advice here. I’m a little over 13 weeks with twins and I’m exhausted all the time. It’s so annoying and frustrating! I’m normally a pretty high energy person not hyper but just have a lot of energy. I’ve been making myself hit my step goal (10-15k) every day hoping it would increase energy but so far it’s no help. I work full time as an IT Recruiter working at a desk so it’s not like I’m running around all day. I do have 3 kids ages 7, 5 and 3 but I cant decide if this lack of energy is normal or if I should ask my doc about checking my iron levels again (they were normal at 9 weeks)?! In my other pregnancies I’ve felt pretty normal at this point. Anyone else experience this?! Thanks ladies!