Tubes tied

I’m turning 25 and want to get my tubes tied I have a boy and a girl and a step daughter. I just can’t imagine having another after what I went through during labor. My water broke but had to be induced contractions weren’t picking up 40 hour labor. They got so bad I was shaking from the pain and caved and got an epidural. I felt so much pain in my vagina felling like I had to push but the doctor said not to and said she would check me in an hour to reduce risk of infection. I had to fight the urge to push for a hour when I knew I was ready. Plus I was sick for a week after being discharged with low heart rate high blood pressure vomiting and headaches I couldn’t keep anything down. The whole labor and week I get shaken up just thinking about it. My main question is does it hurt after getting the procedure done? Do they use a anesthetic?