First round of Femara 🥳

Tavona • Mrs. Maxwell ✨💍

I would like to hear some of the experiences you all had with Letrozole 2.5mg!!!!

My fiancé and I (getting married in 30 days 🥰) have been TTC for about a year now and have been having sex unprotected for almost two years with NOTHING to show for it. In. In a sense we were always trying cause we both wanted kids from the jump. Granted my periods were very irregular so of course I wasn’t really <a href="">tracking ovulation</a>. After a three month long period, and SEVERAL docs appts later they finally gave me Provera and Letrozole. I started the Provera on the 8th and didn’t start my period until the 16th. Today is cycle day 5 for me and I just took my first Letrozole pill. Along with these every single day I take a Prenatal, Maca root, the Conception pill, and I also started drinking Pink Stork Fertility Tea. WE WANT THIS BABY BADDDD.

Inserting a pic of us so this post doesn’t get lost. ❤️

I’m 23 and he’s 29 btw just in case someone asks.