Am I stupid for being annoyed?


Okay my SIL is sooooo annoying already. Just don’t get along she’s never had a job lived with my husbands parents until she was 24 then got married to her tinder date. Whenever her family is over at my house for holidays her husbands extremely rude they never clean up and leave their babies dirty diapers all over my house like will change him on the couch and just leave the diaper there. Apparently they think I’m their mom too. Anyways I have a 14.5 month old when I announced I was pregnant with him she five weeks later was like “I’m pregnant too!” which is fine but she was due after me I had my son in April so she was due after me she had her baby shower on my birthday September 6th. Annoying but we just didn’t go. Anyways found out I’m having twins due in December I wasn’t telling anyone but his mom found out through our other kids and like clock work a monthish later she “just found out she’s two weeks pregnant”, which is again fine, but they’re having a baby shower ON MY BIRTHDAY AGAIN. First of all you had a baby a year ago I think having a baby shower at all is pretty tacky how do you not have everything you need? their registry is like a $288 high chair a $200 baby monitor $400 fancy ass crib like whaaaaat? His mom went on about how we better be there because we weren’t last year but yeah no I’m not going, I can’t even afford a gift anyways lol but seriously has anyone ever spent over $50 for a high chair because I didn’t even know they made them that expensive. Okay rant over thanks for letting me vent